SR Community Member Spotlight: Intero Integrity Services

Wed, December 28, 2022

As part of an on-going series, we are featuring SPRINT Robotics member companies on SR Community. This month: Intero Integrity Services, based in the Netherlands, operating in different offices globally, offers inspection, industrial and environmental services.

Tell us about your company in 1 to 2 sentences.

Intero Integrity is a global leader in challenging inspection projects and now rapidly growing by extending their innovative techniques, like emission measurements and crawler inspection robotics.

Where is your company based and how many employees does your company have?

Intero is based in most of the continents with independent offices and support of the HQ in the Netherlands. Intero has over 450 employees.

What have you appreciated most about being a member of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative?

We appreciate the constant urge and interest for innovative techniques in the O&G industry.

How would you describe your company culture in just 3 words?

Great place (to) work.

What makes your company stand out?

The knowhow to find inspection solutions for any challenging situation.

Which developments in I&M robotics are you most excited about?

Our MFL/laser/video crawler to inspect and launch in service (natural)gas pipelines.

What is the greatest challenge that your company has faced in I&M robotics?

Acceptance of our intrinsically safe tank floor inspection Explorer as a reliable addition to the non-intrusive solutions.

Has your company won any awards or are there any other achievements you'd like to share?

Intero won the SPRINT Robotics award in 2018 for the successful deployment of our Tank Explorer at an in-service tank inspection at a tank storage of Vopak. In October 2021 we won 1st place, together with Dow, at the FCTM ESOPE 2021 in Paris for the most predictive maintenance in the chemical sector.

Look into the future. What developments do you see happening in your company?

Our organization will continue to grow as well as our techniques will further develop. And in what direction will be determined by market demand. AND IS OF COURSE TOP SECRET.

Is there any video link or are there special events you want to promote?

Our In-Service robotics inspection: Pipe Explorer and Tank Explorer à

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