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CLIIN Robotics Commercial Manager, Americas
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Founded 2016
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CLIIN Robotics Tank Cleaning Robot (TCR)


CLIIN Robotics' ROV is a versatile magnetic crawler suitable for an endless number of applications.
The robot is no larger than a regular check-in suitcase and equipped with strong magnets to ensure adhesion and a tooling plate for attaching any sort of tool or gear on top.

The robot is fit for industrial cleaning and inspection jobs which require working in heights, and with your own customized tools, the robot can simplify jobs across industries. It will make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas and can improve safety and reduce manpower.

Faster cleaning - faster turnaround of tanks:  Robotic tank cleaning eliminates the time needed for setting up scaffolding or manlifts. The Tank Cleaning Robot (TCR) is equipped with magnetic tracks to reach all areas of the tank, while an operator is controlling the system remotely.  The Robot and High-Pressure System are easy and quick to set up. Overall, the Tank Cleaning Robot will do the job in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks.

Environment friendly:  The TCR cleans product tanks using pure fresh water. The water can be heated up to 90 degrees, eliminating the need for chemicals.

Less cleaning water:  TCR cleaning minimises the amount of water used, hence the amount of water to be pumped out after cleaning

Easy to control - Safety of operator:  Only 2-3 people are needed to clean an entire tank. The operator stands at a safe distance with a remote control in hand. Scaffolding is eliminated, and so is the risk of falling from heights.

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Employees25 to 100