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Eddyfi Technologies Center of Excellence for Robotics
2569 Kenworth Road Nanaimo BC V9T 3M4 Canada
Phone+1 418.780.1565
Phone 2 +1 250.729.8080
Fax+1 250.729.8077
Founded 1989
Employees 500 to 3000

We make robots.

Eddyfi Technologies’ Center of Excellence for Robotics is the result of the strategic acquisition of Inuktun Services Ltd. who built a 30-year reputation as the expert in remote-controlled robotic transport and delivery of visual inspection equipment and instrumentation tooling. Backed by a global network of dedicated sales and support personnel, Eddyfi Technologies carries the dynasty with an excellent track record of providing complex, custom, mobile robotic systems to sophisticated clients around the world.

The people behind the robotics

The center employs a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and production personnel that are highly experienced in integrity engineering and modifying its proven technology to answer large-scale facilities and infrastructure industry specificities. Designed with performance and reliability in mind, Eddyfi Robotics represent the industrial robotic technologies purpose-built for the repair, maintenance, retrieval, and various other remote applications in the world’s toughest environments or areas simply out of reach. Reliability, efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness are emphasized in the design of all our remote tooling and industrial robotic solutions made possible by a strong leadership team and process for delivery.

Focused attention on large projects with dedicated project management expertise

We offer engineering services from conceptual design through to project completion. To ensure and maintain our high standard of quality systems, assembly, integration, and testing are accomplished using in-house electronic and machine assembly staff. In addition, Eddyfi Technologies leverages its broad range of expertise from other product lines to provide specialty engineering in accordance with design criteria. As a result, Eddyfi Technologies is able to provide customers with innovative, high-quality equipment that is functionally reliable, easily operated, and cost-effective.

Eddyfi Robotics are the result of an agile project management design scheme. Armed with over 330 years of robotics expertise, proven modules, and a flexible approach, our iterative process offers the adaptability and velocity to efficiently deliver a remote-controlled robotic solution that can address your exact requirement. We go beyond mechanical to software, electrical, and communication demands and seamlessly integrate proprietary or third-party tooling and components. Our project delivery and services are all to your specification: we define, detail, build, integrate, and perform factory acceptance and/or onsite testing all to spec.

What sets Eddyfi Robotics apart

  • Modular technology

  • Ability to access extremely confined spaces

  • Capacity to go deep underwater

  • Design, prototyping, and production personnel collaborating in the same facility

  • Ability to integrate other technologies

  • Technical problem solving

  • Timely completion of OnSpec custom solutions as a result of the above.

Give us the best definition of the problem and we'll provide you with the best solution.

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Employees500 to 3000