SR Community Member Spotlight: Sciphyn Inc.

Mon, November 13, 2023

As part of an on-going series, we are featuring SPRINT Robotics member companies on SR Community. This month: Sciphyn, Inc., based in Houston, Texas, uses ROVs (Remotely - operated underwater vehicles) to perform sludge cleaning, removal, mapping and inspection services online and in-service.

Tell us about your company in 1 to 2 sentences.

Sciphyn provides robotic sludge removal and inspection services for industrial water vessels. Our services allow facilities to eliminate confined space entry while also remaining online and in-service.

Where is your company based and how many employees does your company have?

Sciphyn is based out of Houston, Texas and we employ approximately thirty employees.

What have you appreciated most about being a member of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative?

Becoming member of SPRINT Robotics has allowed us to connect and collaborate with companies all over the world.

How would you describe your company culture in just 3 words (and more)?

Innovative, challenging, adaptable

What makes your company stand out?

Sciphyn is able to perform sludge removal without draining while your facility remains online and in-service; no turnaround needed. We can also bundle services such as sediment mapping, sludge removal, visual inspections, and UT inspections.

Which developments in I&M robotics are you most excited about?

We are excited about developing multiple services that can be bundled together to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and save money.

What is the greatest challenge that your company has faced in I&M robotics?

Sciphyn's biggest challenge is education. Industries have been operating much the same way as they were thirty years ago. Our biggest challenge is reaching & educating industries about our capabilities as well as the benefits to using our services.

Has your company won any awards or are there any other achievements you'd like to share?

Sciphyn is the only company that can perform sludge removal without draining the water vessel while it remains online and in-service.

Look into the future. What developments do you see happening in your company?

Sciphyn has a full Research and Development (R&D) and Fabrication Department that allows us to innovate and create new technology. This allows us to develop special robots for custom applications.

Is there any video link or are there special events you want to promote?


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