SR Community Member Spotlight: Diakont

Wed, February 22, 2023

As part of an ongoing series, we are featuring SPRINT Robotics member companies on SR Community. This month: Diakont, a globally recognized company with markets in USA, France, Germany, Japan, China and Canada, offers a range of high-technological products, solutions and services that enhance the safety and economy of the energy, pipeline, automation and manufacturing industries.

Tell us about your company in 1-2 sentences.

Diakont is a full-cycle robotic service and equipment provider. We develop, manufacture, and provide services using specialized robotics for the most challenging applications. Our mission is to engineer and implement innovative technologies that increase the safety and economy of critical industries.

Where is your company based and how many employees does your company have?

Our North American headquarters is in San Diego, California. We have a total global staff of over 1300 professionals.

What have you appreciated most about being a member of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative?

As one of the original North American SPRINT members, Diakont has supported the collective ever since its inception. We see benefit from its collaborative nature that connects end-users, developers, service providers, and other stakeholders – across the globe.

How would you describe your company culture in just 3 words?

Innovative, reliable, and most importantly, customer-focused!

What makes your company stand out?

Diakont is set apart from other companies since we are an integrated robotics and NDE developer, combined with being a field service provider. We are open to feedback from engineers and are in continuous technological development in our field operations.  This allows us to respond to the needs of the customers quickly and effectively.

Which developments in I&M robotics are you most excited about?

It is exciting and rewarding to see the adaptation of in-service storage tank inspections while storage tanks are filled and in-operation from petroleum companies. Our company has focused and invested heavily in developing the best technology to complete the required inspections by obtaining regulatory certifications and commercializing our services in the last few years.

What is the greatest challenge that your company has faced in I&M robotics?

It is difficult to enact change with an established methodology, especially in performing an activity within an industry. Since there is usually a legacy method that has been used for many years, when presented with a better business case or risk mitigation – there is a certain inertia that has to be overcomed.

Has your company won any awards or are there any other achievements you’d like to share?

Our most valued award is the trust and loyalty of our customers! In addition, we recently are pleased to be presented with the Emerging Technology award from the Global Tank Storage community.

Look into the future. What developments do you see happening in your company?

We are now piloting robotic de-sludging of petroleum tank bottoms while the tanks remain filled. Combined with our inspection services, this presents a complete solution for tank farm operators as tanks in good condition can remain in operation, save cost and downtime, and avoid confined space entry.

Is there a video link of your solution you would like to share?

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