SR Community Member Spotlight: Nexxis

Fri, September 16, 2022

As part of an ongoing series, we are featuring SPRINT Robotics member companies on SR Community. This month: Nexxis, a global business operating in Perth, Houston and Singapore offices, is a supplier of inspection, testing and measuring equipment for a variety of applications, including onshore & offshore oil rigs, subsea installations, engines and machinery, in industries like mining operations, infrastructure projects and manufacturing processes.

Tell us about your company in 1 to 2 sentences.

Nexxis is a global tech-based solutions company specializing in custom robotics, non-destructive testing and remote visual inspection tools. Our focus is to help customers increase safety, maximize data quality and make informed operational decisions.

Where is your company based and how many employees does your company have?

Nexxis is global business with offices in Houston, Texas; Perth, Western Australia and Singapore. Currently we have over 60 people employed, in a range of professions across our locations.

What have you appreciated most about being a member of the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative?

Our Magneto platform winning the 2019 SPRINT Robotics Award for New Innovative Technology in Inspection, Maintenance or Cleaning.

How would you describe your company culture in just 3 words?

Collaborative, Innovative & Enthusiastic

What makes your company stand out?

Reinventing the way businesses, robots and technology work together is the core of what we do. Our key difference is the ability to tailor and engineer a solution, based on customer-specific needs and to provide an alternative approach to their work practices.

Which developments in I&M robotics are you most excited about?

Our new 3DSLAM development, which is built around localization of the defects of an asset.

What is the greatest challenge that your company has faced in I&M robotics?

Overcoming the complexity of dexterity and localization

Has your company won any awards or are there any other achievements you'd like to share?

Nexxis is recognized at the IFAP CGU SafeWay Awards for its innovative development project, Magneto -the world’s first ex-rated robotic crawler. Magneto also won the 1st place in the New Innovative Technology in Inspection, Maintenance or Cleaning category of the SPRINT Robotics Awards 2019.

Look into the future. What developments do you see happening in your company?

The great thing about Nexxis is that we are industry-agnostic. As business requirements change and tools become more advanced, we are well positioned to transition with and meet new requirements. We see renewables and alternative resources being the next frontier. In addition, our partnerships and collaboration will help set the technology roadmap for Magneto.

Is there any video link or are there special events you want to promote?

Visit our website at and our channel at

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