New SPRINT Robotics publication: "Explosion Safety" White Paper

Thu, January 13, 2022

We are pleased to announce a new SPRINT Robotics publication: the "Explosion Safety" White Paper.

“Explosion Safety” summarizes the legal aspects of working with a robot in potentially explosive environments, aspects of Ex certification of equipment and, if working under a hot work permit with an uncertified system, the required risk analysis and risk mitigation.

SPRINT Robotics member companies may download the "Explosion Safety" White Paper for free here.

The main goals for writing this White Paper were:

  • for solution developers and service providers, to use as a reference when developing solutions and services for application in Ex environments;
  • to be used as a starting point for asset operators’ internal discussions, for example regarding different ways of risk reduction and acceptability of a certain risk;
  • to help asset operators to find and define common ground and differences regarding risk analysis and mitigation.

Highlighted in the different sections of the White Paper are: What is explosion safety; Law and regulations; Explosion protection methods; and Current industry practices. The “Explosion Safety” White Paper is not a guideline, recommendation or advice.