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Invert Robotics Group Limited
230 Blanchardstown Corporate Park Blanchardstown Dublin 15 D D15FV48 Ireland
Phone+31 89.271.0318
Phone 2 +61 38.371.0023
Phone 3+49 2.132.937.6467
Founded 2010



Every day, the world over, our robots support clients in maximizing asset integrity and enabling safe working conditions. The Invert Robotics crawler platforms are modular, multi-technology, non-destructive, remote inspection tools for containers, tanks, piping and any confined or hazardous space.

We are all about safe, accurate, efficient inspections

  • Compromising on SAFETY is an absolute red line.
  • Settling for less than pinpoint ACCURACY undermines the very reason for the operational pause.
  • Every tick of the clock without peak EFFICIENCY puts a plant's productivity on the line.

What 3000+ inspections have taught us so far:

  • No need for human entry into potentially hazardous environments.
  • Zero accidents.
  • Cut downtime, at least by half, getting your assets operational twice as fast.
  • Detect structural issues with greater accuracy, instant fixes and precisely documenting first signs of vulnerabilities for extra validation during a next inspection.

Whether you require scheduled maintenance inspection, fault detection or an emergency inspection to be carried out, our ​V-, H- or M-series robotic platforms​ do it all, even in the most complex assets. Add on the NDT inspection solution of your choice to make them suitable for your unique environment.

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