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Co-Robotics: Non-Destructive Testing/Evaluation, Corrosion inspections, Intelligence, Surveillance, and fibre optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). Why us: £ 11+ M in funded research projects, 100+ yrs combined of robotics development, 45+ Innovation Awards, 125+ Grant-funded projects, 50+ Robotic and control systems solutions built, supervised 64+ PhD's and 100+ MSc projects, 36+ Plenary and keynote lectures.


A) Wall Climbing Robots - ship hulls, monopiles, wind turbine towers, and tank walls. B) Oil Storage Tank NDT Robots - Robot (#1): Internal tank floor inspection, designed to operate submerged in oil (tested in water), Sonar navigation, ATEX certified. Robot (#2) Similar to Robot (#1) but tested in vegetable oil, Sonar and RF localization. Robot (#3) Swimming robot, FPSO. C) Wind blade NDT Robots - Robot (#1) Compliant end-effector. Robot (#2) Four climbing robots and full remote control system development. D) Underwater NDT Robots - Robot (#1) In capsule deployed by ROV's to perform Gamma-ray radiography of off-shore flexible oil and gas risers. Robot (#2)  Internal NDT of pressure vessel shell and nozzle welds with a wall-climbing robot.

Pipeline Inspection Corrosion

Pulse current technique for corrosion, in-situ calibration, signal interpretation.

Optical Fibre

Enable cost-effective complete asset monitoring: A) Downhole – leak detection, sanding, permanent VSP, B) In risers – strikes fatigue, slugging
C) Hulls and confined spaces – proactive inspection and maintenance, D) Gantries and equipment – HSE personnel detection, monitoring and maintenance.

Swarm Robotics 

Using a set of simple robots for carrying out complex/large tasks: A) Collaboration among robots, B) Communication among robots, and C) Collective behavioural features.


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