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Delftechpark 26 Delft ZH 2628 XH Netherlands
Founded 2017
Employees 1 to 25

ExRobotics is the leading expert in developing and selling reliable robots and robotic solutions for harsh environments that require IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification. All of our robots are rugged and reliable for potentially explosive facilities.

At ExRobotics we have formulated a clear mission and vision. The mission of ExRobotics is to create value for the market for Ex certified robots. When we accomplish this, we would like to see our robots at major oil and gas facilities around the world.

To achieve our mission and vision, ExRobotics will:

  • Exploit its oil and gas knowledge to design robots that customers want. Then expand into other sectors such as chemicals, mining and energy.
  • Exploit and improve its ATEX and IECEx design expertise.
  • Progressively establish a world-wide base of Ex certified customer support, assembly and maintenance facilities.
  • Build a strong supplier base that provides dependable parts.
  • Establish global partnerships that complement ExRobotics' skills.
  • Offer customers cloud-based solutions that enable them to benefit more fully form the information robots generate.

For more information, please contact Iwan de Waard, director ExRobotics, to arrange for a demonstration


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Employees1 to 25